Stress Reduction and Healing

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Rosalie Moesker, an urban designer in training in our team, makes the cross-over to health. As the campus of Erasmus Medical Centre densifies, not only accessibility is at stake, more so, the human experience while traveling. In the city of the future, the medical centre needs new mobility concepts. When we design for these, we can relieve users of worries by reducing urban stress at their arrival, and rethinking public space as a healing environment during stay.

source: TV Rijnmond, Tuesday, November 16, 17:35

In episode 7 of ‘Het Hart van Rotterdam’, four people in training talk about their scientific research at the Erasmus Medical Centre. Next to imaging techniques helping brain surgeons, virtual reality in oral surgery, and researching the human vascular system, Rosalie Moesker stands on the construction site and takes the metro, while reviewing the future of Erasmus MC.

all episodes here: TV Rijnmond

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