Designs for Boston and Amsterdam

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Propositions under Continuously Changing Urban Conditions

Massive urbanisation puts pressure on public space and demands new programmes along with alternative gathering places such as public interior spaces and a variety of forms of collective spaces. Moreover, in the rapidly changing city, infrastructure and mobility remain of vital importance. A co-evolving diversity of programme cannot be planned, but interventions in the city need constantly to be grounded on sharp design approaches to respond adequately to the necessities of the time: While being environmentally sustainable, given the available resources.

In general, infrastructure, mobility, and public life manifest themselves in various forms as carriers of such urban development. Design experiments, as put forward in our new book, show how to work with continuously changing urban conditions, with mobility transforming cities whilst with public spaces taking various forms, with programmes which hybridise, and with new technologies to keep up with the urban dynamics. Given these themes, designs should carry awareness of the inclusiveness and accessibility of various systems and places, facilities, and technologies. Spatially this means questioning how to keep the city open and connected, attractive, and liveable?

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Cavallo, Roberto, Maurice Harteveld, Joran Kuijper, and Sanne Hoogkamer (eds) (2020) Architecture & Urban Design — Amsterdam and Boston
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The book is providing design propositions from 31 international participants with a comparative background, challenging large metropolitan city developments and transformations from a home base at the Delft University of Technology. Their designs are informed by on-site and desk analyses, literature review, and state-of-the-art approaches toward urban design. They also include input gathered at sessions on the urban challenges in Amsterdam and Boston, incl. interactions with colleagues respectively the City of Amsterdam, and the Boston City Hall, as well as at MIT Boston and Harvard universities.

Supervisors: Boudewijn Almekinders, Roberto Cavallo, Maurice Harteveld, Steven Steenbruggen, and Wenwen Sun – Participants: Andrea Cappiello, Andrea Malangnino, Annemijn Kuiper, Antoine Béchet, Binghui He, Dorien Tulp, Eric Bezemer, Esma Karadag, Gabriele Piazzo, Hei Yi Fong, Jianing Liu, Jiawei Zhao, Lotte Souren, Louis Bernard de Saint Aff rique, Maud Ebbers, Pik Lam Theodora Ho, Rick Schoonderbeek, Ruoxi Wang, Shaoqi Zhang, Siobhan Hudson, Sylvan Muijlwijk, Violeta Sánchez Sánchez, William Guild, Xuan Liu, Yanjiao Wang, Yijing Li, Yingjie Zhang, You Wu, Yuchen Wang, Yuqing Mao, and Ziyang Xue

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