Design-Driven Doctoral Research

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The Strategic Partnership CA²RE+ develops a collective learning environment through the evaluation of Design Driven Doctoral Training. Design Driven Doctoral research (DDDr) is taken as a multidisciplinary example of an experiential learning-through-evaluation model, appropriate for identification and promoting relevance of research singularity, its transparency, and recognition, to award excellence in doctoral training for creative and culturally rooted solutions of contemporary design-driven developments. The CA²RE+ project starts in September 2019, finishes in August 2022, and represents a trigger of the CA²RE Conference developments.

As the final to the CA²RE+ series under the themes of observation and sharing (strategies), comparison and reflection (experiences), and reformulation have led to this last event under the theme of recommendation. It provides a platform where both the learners and educators contribute to chartering future recommendations for Design-Driven Doctoral Research (DDDr). To combine the accumulated experience and knowledge in the previous events, the emphasis on the doctoral candidates’ experience and views within the DDDr programmes will play a key role both in the formulation and validation of the future recommendations within the project’s last phase, namely the framework for DDDr.

CA²RE and CA²RE+ Conference Delft 2022
28 March 2022 – 1 April 2022


scientific committee:
Roberto Cavallo, Alper Semih Alkan, Daniel Rosbottom, Kees Kaan, Salomon Frausto, Angeliki Sioli, Mark Pimlott, Esther Gramsbergen, Maurice Harteveld, Heidi Sohn, Oya Atalay Franck, Matthias Ballestrem, Fabrizia Berlingieri, Anđelka Bnin-Bninski, Ignacio Borrego, Boštjan Botas Kenda, Johan De Walsche, Débora Domingo Calabuig, Riet Eeckhout, Christoph Heinemann, Matevž Juvančič, Thierry Lagrange, Jacopo Leveratto, Ralf Pasel, Claus Peder Pedersen, Gennaro Postiglione, Paul O Robinson, Alessandro Rocca, Edite Rosa, Mia Roth-Čerina, Markus Schwai, Sally Stewart, Eli Støa, Ana Telles, Maria Topolčanská, Manuela Triggianese, Johan Van Den Berghe, Esther Venrooij, Boštjan Vuga, Jürgen Weidinger, Tadeja Zupančič

Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture & the Built Environment; with AA School of Architecture, London; Aarhus School of Architecture; Akademie výtvarných umění v Praze, Czech Republic; ARENA; EAAE; ELIA art schools; Glasgow School of Art; HafenCity University Hamburg; KU Leuven; LUCA School of Arts, Ghent; NTNU Trondheim; Politecnico di Milano; TU Berlin; University of Antwerp; University of Belgrade; University of Évora, Portugal; University of Ljubljana; University Lusófona of Porto; Universitat Politècnica de València; University of Zagreb; and ZHAW School of Architecture, Design and Civil Engineering

Architecture, Urban Design, Interior Architecture, Fine Arts, Design Sciences, Industrial Design, City Making, and Designing for the Built Environment

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