Living Labs in the City

In trans-disciplinary urban challenges, the application of ‘a living lab’ plays a central role. A pioneering model has emerged in our design of the Master programme Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering. Currently, others follow this model and the idea of the urban living lab seems attractive. “It enables us to get to a feasible solution more quickly”, I am explaining in the magazine ‘Home of Innovation’. Students work with all stakeholders on a problem with lots of unanswered questions. The keyword here is ‘co-creation’: collaboration is key at all stages of learning. “No single actor can make metropoles move in a specific direction”, I’ve elaborated: “Metropolitan solutions require cooperation between knowledge experts, as well as between city, citizens and civil society.”

Read more in an interview with me by Jurjen Slump:
Living Labs play a Central Role in Master’s Degree Programme – Education: Master Programme Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering, In: Home of Innovation, special January 2019, pp. 18-19