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on invitation of
Association of Architects of Rijeka
Department of Culture
City of Rijeka

17-27 October 2014

Association of Architects of Rijeka
Ivana Dežmana 2a
Rijeka, Croatia

Four European universities explored the revitalisation of the former paper factory in Rijeka within the entire zone Školjić. For a large number of people from Rijeka, this former industrial zones, including zone Školjić does not exist in their mental image of the city or they are perceived as areas without access. The purpose of this exhibition could be seen at least a three-fold: to introduce the younger generation of citizens of Rijeka with its own city throughout its coverage; show them a way of growth and development of the city; affect the development of sensitivity to the construction heritage not only the representational type but that is often considered to be the not worth watching.

Technische Universiteit Delft
Oxford Brookes University
Sveučilište u Zagrebu
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na pozivu
Društvo Arhitekata Rijeka
Odjel za Kulturu
Grada Rijeke

17- 27 Listopada 2014

Društvo Arhitekata Rijeka
Ivana Dežmana 2a
Rijeka, Hrvatska

Četiriju europskih sveučilišta istražili revitalizacije bivše Tvornice papira Rijeka i cijele zone Školjić. U mentalnoj slici vlastitoga grada većeg broja Riječana bivše industrijske zone, uključujući i zonu Školjić, ne postoje ili ako postoje, percipiraju se kao zone bez pristupa. Svrha posjeta ovoj izložbi mogla bi se vidjeti u najmanju ruku kao troslojna: upoznati mlađe generacije Riječana s vlastitim gradom u cijelom njegovom obuhvatu; pokazati im jedan od načina rasta i razvoja grada; utjecati na razvoj senzibiliteta prema građevinskom nasljeđu ne samo onog reprezentativnog tipa nego i onog često smatranog ne vrijednim gledanja.

2014 1117 Expo TUDelft Students - Association of Architects of Rijeka (Flyer)-EN 2014 1117 Expo TUDelft Students - Association of Architects of Rijeka (Flyer)-HR
Under supervision of Maurice Harteveld and Tamara Rogić, a team of international students was challenged to review a large post-industrial area in the city of Rijeka. The results are exhibited on site. The aim of the team has been to transform the so-called Hartera/Školjic area in a public place again. The area have to become publicly accessible, hence the amount of connections have to be increased. The area needs public facilities, attracting new people and diversifying reasons to go to the area. And, the area must offer housing, offices and workshops for a variety people to increase activities in the urban space. In general, the team advises the association and the local municipality to target different kinds of people, because the more kinds of uses there are in the area, the more vital the area will be and the less vulnerable the site becomes. At the same time, as the government spending is reduced – like anywhere in Europe, in this strategy actors will multiply and interventions will be on the small-scale. So, architects and urban designers have to act together! The presented experimental design projects are showcasing a variety of possible interventions in this scope, all making public space. These propositions need to be interrelated in order to strengthening each other. This is the recommendation for future interventions too. As such, the collaborate final results not only unfold potentials for the site, but also may forecast a shift in professional practice.

dr Tamara Rogić, curator
Was.Is! Consultancy
Amsterdam / Rijeka

dr ir Maurice Harteveld, project leader
department Urbanism | Urban Design
Delft University of Technology

Design & Research Team Members
Dexin Lu (The Školjić Zone), Luca Morosetti (The Autotrolej Depot South), Bertus Bomhof (The Autotrolej Depot North), Agate Kalnpure (The River Rječina Hill Sides), Morva Farrokhseresht (The Meatpacking Complex), Keonsoo Koh (The Old Paper Factory Power Station), Wenwen Sun (The New Ružićeva Square), Ira Tavlaridi (The Old Paper Factory Courts Building), and Shuning Yang (The Old Paper Factory Marganovo) Bojan Bilić, visiting critic
Plan21 Architektura i Urbanizam


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