Imagination Competition

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‘Stiftenstrijd’, the Battle of the Markers

Young urban designers, landscape architects, planners and other spatial designers battle on 1 June. They translate a progressive vision into a strong design for a case in the Netherlands in just one day – Helped by established professions, they do so not with words, but with images, and using the marker and sketch as an instrument!

Participants work on regional assignments derived from the National Environmental Vision (NOVI). They discuss with coaches from the professional field who bring knowledge and experience. And, a critical jury assesses the teams and selects two winners – one on content and one on imagination. This is the day to color outside the lines and shape the future.

The Netherlands Urban Design and Planners Association BNSP
Rob van der Velden

Foundation for Urban Design: Stichting voor Stedenbouw
Laura de Bonth, Maurice Harteveld, Annemarie Harzman, Bernadette Janssen

Government Advisor for the Physical Living Environment: Rijksadviseur voor de Fysieke Leefomgeving
Daan Zandbelt

the National Environmental Vision: Nationale Omgevingsvisie (NOVI)
Gaston Gelissen

The ‘Stiftenstrijd’ takes place in Het Timmerhuis, Halvemaanpassage 90 in Rotterdam.

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